The Zoo was found accidentally and unexpectedly. Just by thinking what else besides carrots, books and juicy candies could entertain our little friends and talk them into being more courageous in the photoshoot. 

We found these amazing animals in a specialized charity shop where all items are made by people with disabilities. This crew conquered our hearts within minutes! Zebra was called Mathew, giraffe got the name Julia, camel named Leo and Elephant George the Funny.

We then searched for the author, creator and producer of the Zoo. A wonderful humble woman, trying to keep herself busy and striving for better life in this not always so cozy world.

We are not asking for donations, neither is the author! We just want to show her crew for more people and let them fall in love just as we did.

Elephant George the Funny likes to ask - How we eat an elephant? One bite at a time! That's where we agree. Let's make this world a little bit more beautiful by helping one person at a time!

You can adopt Matilda's Zoo here!



Matilda Knows in a world where we can be anything, lets be kind! :)